Know about Female fundoshi and buy fundoshi for women

Funsdoshi(褌 or ふんどし) is a traditional underwear for men and women in Japan. But it is also popular in the USA. The main thing of this underwear is made of cotton and cotton provides comfort as an undergarment.

It used by women for centuries, and it is part of their culture. While it is associated with men, It has its own importance and history. So let’s solve the topic about its history, why it is so comfortable for women, and where you can buy it in the USA.

female fundoshi
Female fundoshi

history of fundoshi in Japan

It is an integral part of Japanese traditions and culture, it is a cloth that has been used by men but is also used by women in Japan.

It was commonly worn by both men and women before World War II, but it became less popular after the war when new types of underwear were introduced. Nowadays, It is mainly used as festival clothing or swimwear.


It is also worn by samurai, sumo wrestlers, and drumming groups. There are different styles of underwear, such as rokushaku, kuroneko, mokko, and etchū. It is usually tied around the hips and brought forward between the legs to create an apron or thong effect.

In Japan, It has cultural and idiomatic meanings, such as “tighten your loincloth” (get ready for hard work) or “anyone else’s ” (borrowing or using someone else’s resources).

Importance of female fundoshi in traditional Japanese culture

The value of it for women in Japanese culture is rooted in its heritage so it is the symbol of their pride. This is significant because

  1. It is a traditional cloth and worn by women from the ancient times. It connects the women with Japan’s rich culture.
  2. It symbolized modesty. Its unique design supports the body and maintains a simple and elegant appearance while wearing.
  3. In Japanese culture, it is worn on special occasions like festivals, weddings, or sometimes in the ceremony. But the breathable and natural faces are used in fundoshi. So it is worn by women often.
  4. It has become popular for generating positivity in the body and self-confidence. Wearing a fundoshi by women in Japan highlights the natural curves of their bodies, and helps women feel at ease with themselves and value their bodies.

Benefits of Female Fundoshi

1. Breathability

of course, It is very comfortable that why it is more popular in Japan. Cotton is used as cloth, which allows breath when females wear it and provides comfort.

This design allows for great airflow and helps to keep moisture away.

2. Versatility

It can be worn in many ways and suit different occasions. Whether you need comfortable loungewear, yoga wear, office wear, or special events, It provides versatility and functionality.

3. Comfort

Women often discomfort when they wear undergarments for a long time due to their tightness. But It has a unique design and has provided relief for individuals for a long time. It also helps to reduce the pain in the back.

4. Natural Materials

Most women seek hygiene material which is made of natural material. It is made of natural and sustainable materials. So it makes eco-conscious values, also making it environmentally friendly.

Where to Buy Female Fundoshi

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Styling Tips for Female Fundoshi

It can be a creative and empowering endeavor. Whether you looking for daily wear or seeking a unique way to wear for special events. Here are some styling tips for fundoshi for women:

1. Everyday Comfort:

Casual Loungewear: Try wearing a comfy and breathable female fundoshi instead of regular underwear, especially when it’s hot outside.

2. Beachwear:

Swimwear: Some modern female underwear can be worn as swimwear. Choose one in a bright color or pattern for a unique, retro-inspired beach look.

3. Lingerie with a Twist:

Romantic Night In Surprise your partner by wearing a sensual female fundoshi with a lace bra. It offers both comfort and allure, making your intimate moments special.

4. Seasonal Variations:

Summer: Choose lighter, breathable fabric in vibrant colors and floral patterns. Pair it with a sun hat and sandals for a summery look.

Autumn/Winter: Switch to warmer fabrics in deeper colors. Combine It with tights, boots, and cozy layers for the colder seasons.

5. Layering:

As a Camisole: Use it as an undershirt or camisole under a sheer or low-cut top. The crisscross design used in underwear adds elegance to your outfit.

Belted Dresses: Incorporate it as a belt for a flowing dress or kimono. It accentuates your waist and back. Also, it adds a unique focal point to your ensemble.

Yoga and Exercise: it offers great support and flexibility, making it perfect for yoga or other workouts. Wear it with a sports bra and leggings, it adds style to your gym outfit.

FAQ on Female Fundoshi

Do people still wear fundoshi?

Yes, people in Japan are still using it, particularly during traditional events.

What is fundoshi in Japanese?

In Japanese, (褌) refers to a traditional loincloth.

What are the benefits of fundoshi?

The benefits of wearing it include comfort, breathability, body positivity, versatility

What is the history of fundoshi?

The history of it dates back to ancient Japan. It has been worn for centuries by men and is deeply rooted in Japanese culture.

What are the different types of fundoshi?

  1. Mokko: A basic loincloth with a diamond-shaped piece of cloth.
  2. Etchu: Similar to the mokko but with an extra cord for tying.
  3. Rokushaku: A longer version that is often used during festivals.
  4. Sarashii: A wide, thick band of cloth, which provides more support and is used in martial arts.

What material is a fundoshi made of?

It can be made from various materials, mainly cotton and natural fabric is used.


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