20 Best Places to Elope in Kentucky

Are you dreaming of a romantic place full of nature? You can choose the best places to elope in Kentucky.

Kentucky is a landlocked state in the US. If you plan to elope in Kentucky, trust me there are more than 50 places where you can elope in Kentucky. It is known for its stunning landscapes, charming small towns, and rich history, Kentucky offers the perfect backdrop for couples looking to elope.

Kentucky is an excellent choice for couples who want a romantic as well as memorable elopement experience. Not only you can choose a memorable journey but also are affordable for your elopement.

Is a License required for ELOPE IN KENTUCKY MARRIAGE?

If you want to marry in Kentucky then you must need a valid marriage license. The marriage license must be issued by any county clerk.

Minimum Age18 yrs
Cost for License$35.50
Application Waiting Period3 days
Waiting Period to Marrynone
License Valid30 days
Blood Testno
Elope in Kentucky

Here are 20 stunning places to elope in Kentucky

The elegance of horse racing, timeless setting with beautiful grounds and classic architecture.DescriptionRating (Out of 5)Estimated Budget (USD)
Red River GorgeAwe-inspiring cliffs and natural stone arches in Daniel Boone National Forest.4.5$500 – $1,000
KeenelandThe elegance of horse racing, timeless setting with beautiful grounds, and classic architecture.4.8$1,500 – $3,000
Mammoth Cave National ParkExquisite gardens and stunning fountains in Louisville are perfect for a romantic ceremony.4.7$700 – $1,200
The OlmstedElegance of horse racing, timeless setting with beautiful grounds, and classic architecture.4.6$800 – $1,500
Cumberland Falls State Resort ParkUnderground chambers and majestic rock formations are ideal for adventurous couples.4.9$600 – $1,200
Talon WineryScenic vineyards and fine wine for a charming and rustic elopement celebration.4.4$1,200 – $2,000
My Old Kentucky Home State ParkHistoric and elegant location surrounded by lush greenery for a classic ceremony.4.7$800 – $1,500
The Brown HotelIconic Louisville landmark exuding sophistication and grandeur for a luxurious experience.4.9$2,000 – $4,000
Shaker Village of Pleasant HillThe serene countryside setting offers a peaceful and picturesque environment.4.5$600 – $1,200
Bernheim Arboretum and Research“Niagara of the South” offers a captivating backdrop, especially during a full moon for the moonbow.4.6$700 – $1,300
Louisville Waterfront ParkModern amenities and stunning views overlooking the Ohio River for a contemporary ceremony.4.7$900 – $1,800
The Carrick HouseHistoric mansion showcasing timeless elegance and Southern charm.4.8$1,200 – $2,500
The Signature Club of LansdowneLuxurious and upscale setting in the heart of Lexington for a sophisticated celebration.4.9$2,500 – $5,000
Horse Farm CountrySteeped in history and opulence, it offers a grand and memorable experience.4.7$800 – $1,500
The Henry ClayThe serene countryside setting offers a peaceful and picturesque environment.4.8$2,000 – $4,000
Cave Hill CemeteryRich in history, adorned with sculptures and serene landscapes for a unique ceremony.4.6$700 – $1,200
Ashland, The Henry Clay EstateFormer home of statesman Henry Clay with beautiful gardens and stately architecture.4.7$900 – $1,800
Bluegrass Wedding BarnKentucky’s horse farms and rolling pastures provide a picturesque backdrop.4.5$800 – $1,500
The Brown-Pusey HouseHistoric charm and Southern hospitality in Elizabethtown, provide a warm and inviting environment.4.6$700 – $1,300
Lake Cumberland State Resort ParkTranquil setting surrounded by the beauty of Lake Cumberland.4.7$600 – $1,200

1. Red River Gorge

Red River George is nested in the Daniel Boone National Forest. You can go to the sandstone cliff and natural stone arches for your Elope in Kentucky. You should like this place because in the evening, the is looks charming and peaceful.

You can do outdoor activities like rock climbing and hiking. It is ideal for adventurous couples seeking breathtaking views.

It is very popular for spectacular vistas and landscapes for unique ceremonies. You will get a never-forgettable moment in the Red River Gorge.

3. Mammoth Cave National Park

Mammoth Cave National Park is a great choice for couples with its underground chambers and majestic rock formations. It is an extraordinary elopement location for couples seeking a sense of adventure and wonder.

You can plan the cave tours with exploration opportunities.

A natural wonder in Mammoth Cave National Park is perfect for the ceremonies in which you can invite your friends and enjoy your time.

2. Keeneland

The atmosphere of the Keeneland is ideal for horse racing enthusiasts. It is best for those couple who loves horse riding.

Keeneland has very beautiful grounds and its classic architecture is ideal for videography for your weddings.

When you visit Keeneland, you can also access exclusive thoroughbred horse racing events.

You can get full details from this website.


4. The Olmsted

The Olmsted has a very beautiful garden and stunning fountains, It helps to spend your time in a romantic ambiance.

It is Located in Louisville, and its historic charm in Louisville provides an intimate elopement venue. You will enjoy elegant architecture in the Olmsted.

It is ideal for couples who resetting a romantic and intimate celebration. And, most of the venues are affordable and easy to book.

5. Cumberland Falls State Resort Park

It is known as the “Niagara of the South,” and a historical place for elopement weddings. The natural phenomenon “Moonbow phenomenon during full moons, a rare natural spectacle.”

Cumberland Falls State Resort Park is always best for camping. For the couple, you can enjoy camping and outdoor activities.

Cumberland Falls State Resort Park

6. Talon Winery

Photo Of Wine Bottles

For couples who appreciate fine wine and scenic vineyards, Talon Winery has many popular sites where you can enjoy. Talon WInerery is famous for fine wine.

It is a blend of natural beauty, wine culture, and rustic charm. If you planning your celebration lonely, Its Tranquil and picturesque ambiance is ideal for a celebration.

7. My Old Kentucky Home State Park

My Old Kentucky Home State Park is a state park located in Bardstown, Kentucky, United States. 

My Old Kentucky Home State Park is a historical place. Where you will spend time full of charm. There are many gardens, best for videography and photography for your elopement.

It is very popular and offers a glimpse into the past with historic tours and cultural events. It is the best choice for couples.

8. The Brown Hotel

It is an iconic Louisville landmark if you looking to spend time in the hotel. Then you choose it.

For the elopement budget, the average cost can range from $3,500 to $20,000, depending on your preferences and choices.

Venue$0 – $2,000
Officiant$50 – $500
Photographer$1,000 – $5,000
Dress/Suit$100 – $2,000
Rings$200 – $4,000
Flowers$50 – $500
Cake$50 – $300
Travel$500 – $5,000
Total$1,950 – $19,300

9. Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill

There are only a few villages in the world, known for their historic significance. It is very peaceful and best for couples who make their elopement very unique.

It is ideal for couples seeking a serene and historically rich environment. You can book online your ceremonies for your elopement.

These links are only for information, I am not getting any commission for it.

Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill

10. Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest

If you are a nature lover, then it is the best place for elopement in Kentucky.

The diverse plant collection makes Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest very beautiful. Its natural beauty attracts many couples. It may be the best romantic place for your elopement.

Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest

11. Louisville Waterfront Park

Louisville is a historical place in Kentucky. You can choose for it for Modern amenities and beautiful riverfront views.

You can spend your time on the Ohio River.

white and black Ferris wheel near body of water

12. The Carrick House

It is known for its historical mansion. Classic architecture and refined interiors are the best choices for elopement in Kentucky. It is perfect for couples seeking a grand and refined elopement venue.

13. The Signature Club of Lansdowne

You can choose for lt;

  • Luxurious and upscale setting in the heart of Lexington.
  • Elegant and sophisticated ambiance for lavish celebrations.
  • Exclusive club amenities and refined event spaces for couples.
  • Impeccable service and attention to detail for a sophisticated affair.

14. Horse Farm Country

It is best for Picturesque landscapes and bucolic settings for romantic ceremonies. It offers an authentic Kentucky experience amidst horse country vistas.

You can book online the venue for ceremonies and weddings. If you are looking for a rural area for elopement, then it is best for you.

15. The Henry Clay

It is known for being steeped in history and architectural splendor. It is popular for Downtown Louisville’s iconic venue.

16. Cave Hill Cemetery

It is a historical cemetery with beautiful sculptures and serene landscapes. It makes your elopement experience unique.

17. Ashland, The Henry Clay Estate

Henry Clay came to Lexington, Kentucky from Virginia in 1797. In 1804, he began buying land for the plantation and developed the area as beautiful gardens and architecture.

It is the best place for garden lovers and romantic ceremonies.

18. Bluegrass Wedding Barn

You can choose for it:

  • Rustic charm and scenic countryside views for enchanting celebrations.
  • Delightful pastoral setting amidst nature’s beauty for relaxed ceremonies
Bluegrass Wedding Barn

19. The Brown-Pusey House

It is Located in Elizabethtown, you can choose a Historic significance. It offers a blend of history, hospitality, and intimate charm.

20. Lake Cumberland State Resort Park

It offers lakeside views and outdoor activities for adventurous couples. It is a picturesque setting with natural beauty, perfect for tranquil elopements.

FAQ: Elope in Kentucky

Can you elope in Kentucky?

Absolutely, Kentucky allows couples to elope. Most states in the US, allow elopement for couples. Kentucky is best for various places for elopement including parks, historic sites, wineries, and more.

The most important thing is you need a marriage license. And, follow the state’s regulations for officiants and witnesses.

Where is the cheapest place to elope in the US?

You can book the city hall for ceremonies, public parks, or beaches with minimal permit fees. Many places to elope in Kentucky are the cheapest, you can select one of them. In the above section part of a blog post, I gave the list with the estimated budget required for you.

What states are easiest to elope in?

States like Nevada, Colorado, and Hawaii are often considered among the easiest to elope in Kentucky. In Nevada, Colorado, and Hawaii, the laws are easy and you can get a license with minimal waiting periods.

Is it cheaper to elope or have a wedding?

Wedding is costly compared to the eloping. BEcause there are many ceremonies that are essential to perform at Weddings. Whereas, in the elopement marriage you can choose the venue, friends, or ceremonies according to your comfort.


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