18 Best Fishing in South America

If you want to know about the best Fishing in South America, I will share the best places for fishing.

I hope you will enjoy your trip for your fishing.

Essential Tips for a Secure Fishing Trip in South America

Safety MeasureDescription
1. Wear a Life JacketAlways wear a properly fitting life jacket when on the water.
2. Know Local RegulationsFamiliarize yourself with local fishing regulations and rules.
3. Get the Right PermitsObtain the necessary fishing permits and licenses as required.
4. Respect Catch LimitsFollow catch limits to preserve fish populations and ecosystems.
5. Be Weather-AwareStay informed about weather conditions and be prepared for changes.
6. Pack Safety EquipmentCarry essential safety gear, including first aid kits and tools.
7. Inform SomeoneLet someone know about your fishing plans, including location and return time.
8. Boat SafetyPractice good boating etiquette, and check your boat for safety.
9. Be Wildlife AwareBe aware of local wildlife, including snakes or crocodiles, and take precautions.
10. Catch and ReleaseEncourage catch and release practices to protect the environment.

18 Best Fishing in South America

1. The Amazon River: Exotic Species and Adventure

The Amazon River, the largest river in the world, is a haven for adventurous anglers seeking exotic species like peacock bass, arapaima, and piranha. The dense rainforest and unique wildlife make it a fishing destination like no other.

2. Pantanal: The Wetland Oasis of Brazil

The Pantanal, the world’s largest tropical wetland area, offers thrilling fishing for golden dorado, pacu, and catfish. Its unique ecosystem and stunning scenery make it a must-visit for nature lovers.

3. Patagonia: Trophy Trout and Pristine Landscapes

Patagonia, stretching across Argentina and Chile, is renowned for its pristine lakes and rivers, where you can catch trophy-sized trout and salmon. The rugged beauty of the region is a treat for the eyes.

4. Rio Parana: Argentina’s Catfish Paradise

The Rio Parana in Argentina is famous for its monstrous catfish, including the massive surubi. It’s the perfect destination for anglers looking to battle these giants.

5. Lake Titicaca: High-Altitude Fishing in Peru and Bolivia

Lake Titicaca, located high in the Andes, offers a unique fishing experience with trout and native fish species. Its stunning surroundings and rich culture make it an unforgettable destination.

Best Fishing in South America

6. The Galapagos Islands: Diverse Marine Life

The Galapagos Islands, known for their diverse marine life, offer thrilling fishing opportunities for species like marlin, tuna, and wahoo. The volcanic landscapes and unique wildlife add to the allure.

7. The Amazon Basin: Remote Peacock Bass Fishing

Exploring the remote tributaries of the Amazon Basin is an adventure that leads to thrilling peacock bass fishing. The untouched wilderness and pristine waters make it a hidden gem.

8. Ushuaia: The End of the World for Anglers

Ushuaia, located at the southern tip of Argentina, offers exceptional fishing in the waters of the Beagle Channel and beyond. You can target species like sea bass and king crab while enjoying the stunning landscapes of Tierra del Fuego.

8. Ibera Wetlands: Argentina’s Wildlife Oasis

The Ibera Wetlands in Argentina are a paradise for anglers seeking dorado, pacu, and wolfish. The region’s stunning biodiversity and opportunities for wildlife sightings make it a unique destination.

9. Mato Grosso: Brazilian Fishing Expedition

Mato Grosso in Brazil offers a fishing expedition like no other. With diverse fish species and the chance to witness the annual piracema fish run, it’s a true angler’s paradise.

10. Los Alerces National Park: Patagonian Beauty and Trout

Los Alerces National Park in Argentina is a picturesque fishing destination, surrounded by towering forests and pristine waters. Trout fishing in its scenic lakes and rivers is an angler’s dream.

11. Rio Orinoco: Adventure in Venezuela

The Rio Orinoco in Venezuela provides an adventurous fishing experience, with opportunities to catch species like peacock bass and piranha. The remote and untamed landscapes of the Orinoco basin add to the excitement.

12. Lake Gatún: Fishing in the Panama Canal

Lake Gatún in Panama offers a unique fishing experience within the Panama Canal. The serene atmosphere and diverse fish species, including peacock bass and tarpon, make it a top spot for anglers.

13. Lago Nahuel Huapi: Beauty and Trout Fishing in Argentina

Lago Nahuel Huapi in Argentina’s Patagonian region is a paradise for trout fishing. With its crystal-clear waters and stunning landscapes, it’s a dream come true for anglers.

14. Ucayali River: A Diverse Fishing Experience in Peru

Peru’s Ucayali River, nestled in the Amazon rainforest, offers diverse fishing with species like peacock bass, arapaima, and catfish. It’s a hidden gem for anglers seeking an immersive adventure.

15. Los Roques Archipelago: Fly Fishing in Venezuela’s Caribbean Waters

The Los Roques Archipelago in Venezuela is a paradise for fly fishing enthusiasts. Its pristine waters and diverse game fish species, including bonefish and tarpon, offer a unique and thrilling experience.

16. Coiba National Park: A Paradise for Sport Fishing in Panama

Coiba National Park in Panama is known for its abundance of game fish, including marlin and yellowfin tuna. The pristine beauty of the park and its strict fishing regulations make it a top choice for sport fishing.

17. Lago Ranco: Chile’s Best-Kept Fishing Secret

Lago Ranco in Chile is a hidden treasure for anglers. Its diverse fish population, stunning landscapes, and secluded corners offer a unique and serene fishing experience.

18. Laguna de los Tres: Combining Fishing and Hiking in Patagonia

Laguna de los Tres in Patagonia, Argentina, allows you to combine fishing with breathtaking hiking experiences. The opportunity to catch trout while surrounded by scenic wonders is truly remarkable.

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