The Influence of Cholo Culture In Japan Street Fashion

Japanese culture flourished from ancient times and has a long-standing tradition. If we talk about Cholas culture in Japan, these styles can range from extravagant to mundane. It is always flamboyant and Eye-Catching.

With an aging population, more men are choosing to sport cholo styles. As Western influence grows in Japan’s society, it is interesting to see the resurgence of this subculture. So let’s dive into this blog post about Cholo Culture in Japan.

What is cholo culture?

Cholo culture is a mixture of West and East styles. It started in the 1980s in Los Angeles when young people combined Chicano and African-American styles. Many people think cholo culture is only for skater boys, street gangs, and other groups who are not accepted by society.

Cholo culture in Japan

Also, it is believed that Cholos culture comes in Japan from American movies and series. But now, cholos can be found in all parts of Japan, no matter how people think about it. They all like to wear bright clothes and have unusual hair.

Historical Background

Origins of cholo culture

Cholo culture is a subculture that originated from the Mexican Americans in the United States. Cholos style has their own way of dressing, talking, and music. Usually, the young generation wears clothes like loose clothes, bandanas, and tattoos.

How Did Cholo Culture Come to Japan?

Cholo culture arises in Japan through foreign movies and tv series mainly from Mexican culture-based movies. And then Japanese people adopted Cholo culture in their lifestyle. Colorful clothes and eccentric hairstyles always seem to be beautiful.

What are the Key Elements of Cholo Culture in Japan?

Cholo culture in Japan is characterized by Key elements:

  1. Fashion: The main aspect of Cholo lifestyle is Clotehs. Loose clothes were worn by the people to adopt Cholo culture. Japanese cholos usually wear loose-fitting attire like baggy jeans, t-shirts, and hoodies.
  2. Music: Hip-hop and Pop music is one of the popular in Japan. Cholos in Japan have a strong affinity for hip-hop music, particularly cholo rap and Chicano rock.
  3. Lifestyle: Cholos in Japan prioritize family and community, and they hold great respect for their elders. Often, They spend a lot of time and money on their lifestyle.
Cholo culture in Japan

Cholo Music and Art in Japan

Cholo culture has had a significant impact on Japanese music and art. It also helped to popularize Hip-hop music in Japanese culture. Also if become part of Japanese movies and TV shows.

Cholo Music in Japan

Cholo Music is a genre of Hip-Hop. This Music originated from Mexico and the USA. It is known for using Spanish slang, highlighting Chicano culture, and having lyrics that can be violent. These types of music in popular with youth populations.

Some of the most popular cholo music artists in Japan include:

  • Cholo Gang
  • Chicano Rockers
  • Lowrider
  • Mariachi Samurai
Source: (15) Nicholaus Garcia – YouTube

Cholo Art in Japan

Cholo art is a type of art that is inspired from cholo culture. It uses Vibrant colors, emphasis on Chicano imagery, and rebellious messages. It became popular during the early 2000s in Japan.

Some of the most popular cholo artists in Japan include:

  • Takuji Yamashiro
  • Hiroki Tsukamoto
  • Yoshiaki Ouchi

Cholo Culture and Japanese Society

Perception and reception of cholo culture in Japan

Every culture has its own effect that may be positive or negative. Cholo lifestyle has a negative and positive impact on Japanese culture.

Positive Impact

Cholo culture has brought some good things to Japan. It has made people more accepting of different cultures and inspired new artists and musicians. People in Japan have also learned more about Mexican American culture because of cholo culture.

Negative Impact

Also the negative impact on Japanese society by the Cholo Culture. Some people of Cholo group associated the drug trafficking and crime. So it is one of the negative parts of this culture.

Cholo Culture and USA

Cholo culture in Japan

Cholo culture is one of the most popular lifestyles in the US. It has a significant impact on American culture, and it has been featured in many movies, TV shows, and songs.

A list of the most famous cholos in American culture:

  • Cheech Marin
  • Tommy Chong
  • Danny Trejo
  • Edward James Olmos
  • Selena Quintanilla-Pérez

Some group of people of Cholo culture has also been associated with gang violence and crime. However, the vast majority of cholos are not involved in gang activity.


In conclusion, the Cholo culture in Japan embodies a distinctive fusion of Western and Eastern styles that emerged during the 1980s. Although its origins can be traced back to Mexican Americans in the United States, its introduction to Japan was primarily facilitated through foreign films and television series. The Cholo culture in Japan is distinguished by its unique elements encompassing fashion, music, and lifestyle.


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